Response to Music Philosophy Debate #2

Arnold Faber – I know the following music cited involves lyrics, but I really think it illustrates the minor/major discussion as well. I mean, if you substituted instrumental music in the following, I believe the scenario would still hold true. It’s all about recognition and association to that recognition.

In my experience, it seems to come down to “context”. Imagine yourself, at a party having a great time, a few drinks etc.. Billie Holiday is in the background, seeping into your ear while you are engaged in an interesting conversation. Say there is a selection/album/continuous, of Fine Romance, All Of Me, Strange Fruit, Ain’t Misbehavin’; a complete mix. At best, you probably will enjoy the overall “hipness” of the sound as well as your personal recognition of the tunes. At the worst, you probably won’t even take notice; I don’t think it will spoil your mood or good time through the overall party din.

If however, you are at home by yourself, a bottle of scotch and Billie on the sound system when you just lost your job, your dog died and your woman left you, well…

I think that comments reflected concerning Debate #1, are relevant along these lines as well. Different cultures, ears with varied listening experiences AND pertinent contexts of theories musical, or otherwise, that may have been thrust upon the listener, would be of influence.

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