Slight Curvature

[This is part of my Basic Principles of Music Theory Hostility series. Check back for new posts!]

Music is the universal language of mankind – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Importance of Music Theory:

  • Music is a Language – You learn a new hobby and it’s expected that there will be some form of learning curve. If your new hobby is building model trains, certain terminology is needed to speak the language of trains. Music is no different.
  • To communicate your music to other musicians – You come up with a musical idea and want your bass player to play along with you. You should have a common vernacular to express those ideas so you’re both on the same page. In this regard, I’m practically illiterate. I fumble about trying to pull scant musical terminology from my brain leaving the other guy more confused than when we started. My explanations involve me pointing…

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