The Blues is Dead!

Amen to that!!!

Stinky Kitty Blues Band

With the recent passing of Etta James, “Honeyboy” Edwards, Hubert Sumlin, Gary Moore, Willie Smith and Clarence Clemmons and with the aging of blues legends like BB King, Buddy Guy and even (yikes!) Eric Clapton it seems like the blues is on its way out – only to be read about in history books, right?


Believe it or not, the blues is alive and well and growing in popularity every day. You can hear it being played all around, from soundtracks to “mood music” in bars, restaurants and, yes, even elevators. One thing about learning about the 12 bar blues and blues progressions is that you end up hearing the pattern everywhere. Of course blues, and boogie woogie specifically, is the basis for rock and roll, so you’re bound to recognize it in almost anything you hear today.

In fact, there are many current “young” musicians that…

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