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Listen here to my WDCB review of the new Pat Martino album.

This is how snazzily it reads:

Hi I’m Lloyd Sachs with a two-minute album review. Guitarist Pat Martino’s career can be divided into two periods: His years of brilliance before he suffered a brain aneurysm in 1980 and his years of returning to form as he recovered from the aneurysm, which required him to completely re-learn how to play.

As he demonstrated most recently with Undeniable, his 2011 album with tenorist Eric Alexander, Martino has recovered very well and then some, restablishing himself as one of the best jazz guitarists going. Listening to Alone Together,  a new collection of mostly home recordings from the late ’70s featuring rhythm guitarist Bobby Rose, you get a stronger sense of his fierce originality, and the daunting speed with which he could show it off.

An intrepid innovator, Martino took his…

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