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(Memphis)  A picture shows the Father of the Blues, W.C. Handy, at the opening of the theater that bares his name and a recording of his voice lets you hear his pride when talking about what Memphis had done to honor him.

“And it has built for $200,000 W.C. Handy Theater and to do so many things that make me feel I’ve been rewarded in more ways than one,” Handy said in a recording.          

The W.C. Handy Theater was built-in 1946 on Park near Airways for the black community during segregation.

It became the showcase for entertainers such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington and the Memphis R&B band the Bar-Kays.          

Elaine Turner is director of the W.C. Handy House and Museum on Beale Street, “It was a place that was opened to all of the African-American community, the children in the neighborhood, the professionals. Everybody went to the…

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