major and minor

music & preschool

while rehearsing for our Christmas program, i found that class time allowed for more than just learning and running through the christmas songs. so each class receives a mini-music theory lesson.

once we completed our rhythm unit, it was time to take things in another direction. i fondly recall the piano lesson in which i, age 9, learned to distinguish between basic major and minor chords. i was quite proud of my musical prowess and blissfully unaware that i was learning basic building blocks of modes.

translating that lesson to my 10 classes of preschoolers wasn’t an enormous leap. after all, they have the ability to differentiate between happy and sad, excited or mopey…music is much the same way.

these mini-lessons last about 10 minutes at most, and are very productive, especially since the little ones have the attention span of one level on Angry Birds. three weeks of major…

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