Comment on Music Philosophy Debate #2

LondonJazzCollector – Music and emotion seem common bedfellows, but I I am not convinced music has the power to make you happy or sad, – it is an enhancment or accompaniment to emotions already present. A funeral march is “fitting” to our emotions of sadness and loss. Other music partners joy and happiness. I suspect you won’t cheer people up at a funeral with something jolly.

Some of us are still grappling with the idea of good and bad music. Is there such a thing as bad music, really? There is music I don’t like at this moment, and some I do, and even that changes over time. Not sure I can go further than that.

I think the problem is “Professors”. Give them a job, some empty intellectual space, and they feel obliged to fill it. But it sounds like opinion rather trhan knowledge. Ask for a measure of goodness or badness of music. That should concentrate their minds.