Response to Music Philosophy Debate #1

LondonJazzCollector – Personally I love works in the minor key – melancholy – over major key – happy. My first love in jazz in my teens was Charlie Byrd’s “Samba Triste” I think from an even more beautiful original by Baden Powell. Beauty and that haunting quality flows from the key chord changes.
Its like listening to “Blues” – singing and playing, as an antidote to adversity. “Happy Blues” is an oxymoron – sexual braggadocio is about as far as it goes. Our response to “bad luck and trouble” is the best reason to sing the Blues, because it makes people feel better in adversity. Beyond that I can not explain. And it has the best lines. “Got me accused of forgery, I cant even write my name” Great song. You can’t write it in the positive. There wouldn’t be any reason to.