twenty-four voicings for guitar [part 3]

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twenty-four voicings for guitar [part 3].


Music Philosophy Debate #1

Topic of debate…

How does music affect the human soul in the way that it does? ¬†Why should it be, that a tune in a major key ‘sounds’ happy, and one in minor ‘sounds’ sad?

I understand that in any given key there are both major and minor chords, and the modes that go with them, etc… That doesn’t quite answer my question.

I am talking grass roots, back to basics, music theory.

What is it that makes the intervals between notes ‘feel’ a certain way?

Try playing a chord for your friends and measure what feeling they would attach to it. We all know that a major chord would be happy, and a minor chord would be sad. But see what they think of the Major7s and minor7b5. If you don’t play an instrument, you can find them online.

Since getting into music theory I haven’t quite worked this one out yet…Any input would be greatly appreciated.